Residents React: Rockaway Beach

Nearly three months after Sandy devastated the Rockaway peninsula, the community is still reeling with the aftermath of the hurricane. The A train, the only subway line linking the Rockaways to the rest of New York City, was severely damaged and is currently under repair, with service expected to return in mid-2013.

The loss of the subway is a crushing blow. Residents who have endured the hours-long commute to the city before the storm find themselves crammed in overcrowded buses with an added hour of travel time. With the disruption in transportation, people have missed school days and lost jobs.

Now more than ever, residents are adamant about revitalizing the abandoned Long Island Rail Road tracks, which would provide another way to travel in and out of the Rockaways in the absence of the A train.

The Line Project interviewed residents of the Rockaways to hear what they had to say about current public transportation and the possible revitalization of the railway.


Louis DeCarolis says transportation is needed in the Rockaways, especially after Hurricane Sandy, and the Long Island Railroad could fill this void.


Matt Skawinski explains that transportation in the area is overwhelmed and supports new travel options.


Brian Heffernan is concerned about the community’s dependence on limited transportation options to get to work.


Eldred Johnson says that the current transportation situation in the Rockaways causes extended commute times.